Where we source…

We only use meat sourced from animals on free range Victorian farms. This includes Bannockburn free range chickens, Habbies Howe grass-fed Angus cattle, and Berkshire pigs from St. Bernards. These meats are supplied to us from a local butcher, L & L Butchers in Bentleigh. All the meats are either dry rubbed for 24 h, or cured in a liquid cure for 2 weeks, prior to smoking ‘low and slow’ for up to 18 h using ironbark hardwood.

All of the dairy products we use (butter, cream, milk, buttermilk) are from St. David Dairy in Fitzroy. St. David Dairy sources their milk direct from grass-fed cows in Gippsland, and the milk is processed in small batches.

Olives, olive oil, and pink salt are from Mt. Zero Olives in the Grampians. The pink salt is sourced by hand from local indigenous communities as a collaboration with Mt. Zero Olives. Even the hand soap in the bathrooms is made from Mt. Zero olives!

The ice cream we use is from Ormond Ice Creamery, and the coffee is roasted locally by Common Ground in Ormond.

The environment and sustainability…

We try our best to be sustainable and help the environment. We source locally as much as possible, support local business, use as much from our kitchen garden as possible, compost the excess, and recycle every bit of plastic we have to use!

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